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Go-Green Heating Ltd is a MCS approved Installer Company; Go-Green Heating Ltd is also a GORGI registered Company.



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Welcome to Go-Green Heating
The start of your Greener Future

We specialise in design, supply and installation of low carbon energy efficient systems offering you some of the market leaders in renewable technologies. Integrating Solar panels, Ground & Air source Heat Pumps.

Energy efficient room heating - Skirting heating - Underfloor heating - stylish radiators and Fan Coils units. Our aim is to install efficient systems that work towards the higher levels of the code for sustainable homes.

With rising fuel cost and carbon emission being an important factor of every day life we can offer you a more advanced heating and hot water system, with savings compared to Gas, LPG, Oil and Solid fuel fired boilers.

With the introduction of the Renewable Heat Incentive from the government, any householder or business installing a renewable technology will receive a level of payment continuing for 15-23 years, depending on technology installed.

Example, a three bed detached house installing an Air Source heat pump could lead to payments in the region of £800.00 / year based on proposed tariff figure of 7.5p/ kWh over 18 years, tariffs may be reduced as government targets are approached.

A further incentive for home owners to consider VAT is charged at 5% on renewable technology.

As a company Go-Green Heating do'es not employe a hard sale policy, but we are constantly being asked to attended Echo shows. We are always happy to display our business and meet customers face to face.
Echo Heating Northwest Echo Heating Northwest Echo Festival Congelton
Our M.D. meeting the Mayor of Congelton at the Garden & Echo Festival 2010.

Why choose heat pumps
Heat pumps are a tremendous way to heat your home and provide domestic hot water in a cost effective and sustainable way.

Indicative fuel cost comparison per 10kWH of heat production
Gas = 37p Air Source Heat Pumps Off Peak = 19p
Oil = 55p Air Source Heat Pumps = 29p
LPG = 53p Ground Source Heat Pumps Off Peak = 16p
Electric = 110p Ground Source Heat Pumps = 26p

Go Green

Go Green

MB For tins costing illustration a peak price of 1
dp per kWH unit of electricity has been applied
and 6.5p per kWH unit of electricity off peak.

Boiler efficiency values of 85%
have been used.
The indicative fuel & utility costs used in this example may not be representative of actual costs and tariffs available clue to the fluctuation in fuel costs. Please assess any potential savings against your actual utility costs & tariff and your projected yearly Heat Pump running hours and heat load.

We have over 40 years experience in Heating and Air conditioning, covering Cheshire, Staffordshire and Derbyshire. Our qualified and technical installers, along with our approved heating partner programmes from leading renewable technology companies, ensures Go-Green Heating Ltd can be trusted to install a quality system.

Go-Green - The only sustainable solution to heating your home or business


Number: CC/MCS/210
Solar Thermal, Heat Pumps
( Ground & Air Source )


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